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UDP’s History

The Gilmer family started in the communications business back in 1898, when 22 year-old Street Gilmer founded Rocksprings Telephone Company. Rocksprings Telephone expanded its service area and is known today as Southwest Texas Communications. Over 100 years later, great-grandsons of Street Gilmer run both Southwest Texas Communications and UDP.

UDP has evolved from a long distance rating and data processing division of a telephone company into an extension of its customers’ businesses – providing integrated customer care, billing, provisioning, accounting, business process and database design and management.

May 1988

In the late 1980’s, UDP ported its SOMS and CABS applications from the Datapoint hardware to a DEC MicroVAX platform

This Digital Equipment Corporation system had a 32-bit processing architecture, employed complex instruction set computer processors (CISC) and ran on an OpenVMS operating system. The change was made to provide enhanced performance and a more modern tool set for UDP’s customers. When DEC stepped into the 64-bit computing space in 1991, UDP took advantage of the new AlphaServer line, designed around reduced instruction set computer processors (RISC) to support its applications on both hardware platforms.

June 1984

In 1984, the court-ordered divestiture of AT&T led to a new opportunity for UDP

The divestiture resulted in the need for inter-carrier compensation. UDP became a provider of carrier access billing services (CABS) and began generating bills to charge inter-exchange carriers for originating and terminating access to local telecommunications networks. This service has evolved into what is now Access Billing.

July 1980

UDP’s current President, Claud Gilmer, began his career with UDP in 1980 as its Production Manager

Before joining UDP, Claud worked for Southwest Texas Telephone Company for about a year.

August 1978

Kerrville Telephone Company contracts with UDP to write a real-time commercial office system

In 1978, UDP and Kerrville Telephone selected Datapoint equipment and UDP later negotiated sole ownership of the software, named Service Order Management System, or “SOMS.”

November 1970

During the 1970’s, UDP developed a Computel system using Datapoint minicomputers to perform front-end batch processing on the Honeywell system

For billing purposes, service orders were entered after-the-fact into the Computel system. Collections were entered daily into a cash posting process.

September 1966

UDP upgraded its services and equipment with the purchase of a Honeywell H120

In 1966, the machine had 4k memory, three 200 bpi tape units and a printer that was capable of printing 240 lines per minute.