User Training Seminar Scheduled in May

We are excited to announce that our annual User Training Seminar will be held May 14-15, 2019 at our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Each year, UDP staff invites customers using our software to join us for informational updates, product training, and professional networking.  This year, we have renamed the meeting to reflect its increased [...]

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UDP Welcomes New CFO

Winterbotham Joins Leadership Team SAN ANTONIO, TX - UDP is excited to have Glyn Winterbotham, CPA, PhD, join the team as its new Chief Financial Officer. Winterbotham brings extensive financial expertise to assist UDP’s customers in managing and fulfilling their accounting and reporting requirements within UDP’s solutions and platform. “As CFO, Glyn will provide [...]

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UDP Announces Mobile App for I&R Teams

UDP’s COMET Tech mobile app improves your Customer Experience by giving your install and repair team access to critical information about a subscriber’s service.  Pertinent data is seamlessly shared across UDP’s B/OSS solutions. Your techs in the field can conveniently work service orders and trouble tickets from their mobile device.  COMET Tech displays subscriber [...]

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In 2010, UDP developed new products and completed successful customer trials for NAVIGATOR Accounting Tools and a time-saving integration and business process management tool for COMET users

NAVIGATOR Accounting Tools provide ERP functionality based on Microsoft Dynamics® SL, with modules developed by UDP for the telecom industry and unique requirements for FCC Part 32 compliance including continuing property record (CPR) management. The business process management tool allows trouble tickets and work orders to be electronically displayed on web-enabled mobile devices. The enabling integration [...]

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In 2002, the COMET® End User Billing system replaced SOMS, providing a graphical user interface built using the Oracle Internet Developer Suite

Since then, the functionality of COMET End User Billing has continued to grow and new application development is ongoing. New releases are rolled out to UDP’s entire customer base. Each release includes new features and capabilities that were identified by users and included in the product road map by UDP.

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The Telecommunications Act of 1996 fostered competition among companies that used the same underlying technology to provide service

With the implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, UDP began offering billing services to competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Recognizing that the Telecom Act would likely spur development of small competing companies, UDP modified its SOMS system to support a hosted model called Virtual Service Order Management System (VSOMS), which operated from the San [...]

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In the late 1980’s, UDP ported its SOMS and CABS applications from the Datapoint hardware to a DEC MicroVAX platform

This Digital Equipment Corporation system had a 32-bit processing architecture, employed complex instruction set computer processors (CISC) and ran on an OpenVMS operating system. The change was made to provide enhanced performance and a more modern tool set for UDP's customers. When DEC stepped into the 64-bit computing space in 1991, UDP took advantage of [...]

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