A Mobile App that makes I&R…Easier. Faster. Better

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Tools at Your Fingertips

Our app is designed for rural carriers so that I&R techs can open, view and close service orders and trouble tickets while in the field. From viewing customer phone numbers to obtaining customer signatures and viewing equipment to updating geocoded service info, your techs are empowered to provide superior customer experiences.

  • Equipment and Plant Information
  • Sort and View Service Orders
  • Map Orders
  • View Special Details
  • Obtain the Customer’s Signature
  • Sync with Real-Time Notifications
  • Bulk Reassign
  • Add/Update Geocoded Service Location
  • And so much more!
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Equipment and Plant Information

From the app, techs can view all the necessary plant information and records and update plant details, if needed, while in the field.

Sort and View Service Orders

From the app, techs can view all open service orders or just their own. Need to reassign an order? No problem! Techs can reassign orders so that customers get the fastest service available.

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Techs can view the special details obtained by CSRs, the dispatch manager or NOC. Big dog in the backyard? We’ve got it covered in details.


Through the app, techs can obtain the customer’s signature to confirm that work is completed as ordered and desired by the customer.

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Sync with Real-Time Notifications

Whether data is entered or updated from the home office or in the field or by a dispatcher, CSR or technician, data is updated in real-time. Out of wireless service area? No problem! Data is stored locally until the device is back within wireless coverage range.

Bulk Reassign

Did the tech’s truck break down? Is a repair taking longer than expected? No problem! Techs can bulk reassign jobs while in the field to other techs.

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Our app includes a map of service orders so techs can view addresses, visualize and plan their routes according to their schedules and location.