I&R Scheduling Made…Easier. Faster. Better

Service Orders | Trouble Tickets | Payment Commitments | CRM Follow-Ups | Schedule Payments | Other Events/Activities

Designed For You

  • Created for rural operators to improve your operations & supercharge your current platform(s)
  • Scalable and adaptable, our intuitive and visual solution empowers CSRs, dispatchers and techs.
  • Cloud-based, designed to be easy and optimized for improving customer experiences.
Dashboard Example

Interactive Map

  • Know where all your techs are along with weather (radar), outages and scheduled appointments.
  • Our map visualizes all of your orders, tickets, commitments, follow-ups, scheduled payments and other activities.
  • Updated in real-time and customizable, our map makes scheduling, planning and coordinating…easier…faster…better.

Drag & Drop Calendar

Easily reschedule jobs to different days or times, or reassign jobs to a different tech. It’s really as simple as clicking, dragging, and dropping. You actually visualize schedules to see who’s free – who’s not – and where techs are on the map to make the most efficient decisions for you and your customers. Techs receive emailed notifications of changes and, coupled with our mobile app, we immediately alert your techs to schedule changes with push notifications that pop up on their phones.

Calendar Example

Intuitive and Modern

Your team will love working within a platform that makes sense. We don’t just visualize and plot jobs and technicians but allow for role-based permissions and tech-based specialities (e.g., Fiber vs. DSL vs. Voice) so that dispatch and customer service teams can easily coordinate orders and tickets. Coupled with our mobile app your techs get real-time updates on their smartphone or tablet.