Our powerful workflow tools dramatically streamline processes and reduce errors, giving you more time for priority tasks. We focus on optimizing even the most advanced environments. With uses across the board from sales to customer support and human resources to network management, our workflow optimization tools streamline inefficient processes and operations with reliable, repeatable automation.

Our solutions enable you to reduce costs while orchestrating high-level, strategic initiatives involving multiple departments, systems and applications. Document processes as you go by attaching files, photos, maps, contracts and more.

Workflow Optimization

Serving your subscribers often requires the combined synergies of multiple departments with responsibility for sequential or dependent tasks. Productivity suffers when communication breaks down, threatening your ability to meet customer expectations, delaying service implementation and increasing overall costs.

Automating your workflow processes for service orders, trouble tickets and other complex tasks maximizes the efforts of your team members, reduces manual errors and lets you quickly identify and overcome threats to productivity. As manual processes are automated, your employees have more time for revenue generating activities and are able to focus on providing a positive customer experience to your subscribers.

Mobile Application Access

With the COMET® Tech mobile app, installation and repair (I&R) techs in the field can access customer data, receive and review orders, update status and close tickets using a smart phone or tablet. The app also captures accurate geocoded service location data and tracks installed service equipment effortlessly. The manager’s view allows those back at the office to assign tickets to techs in the field. Improve the customer experience and increase sales with COMET® Tech.

Integrated Standard and Custom Workflows

UDP’s team of industry professionals can help you refine procedures as part of the workflow design process. Standard process flows for service orders and trouble tickets are designed to work seamlessly with Customer Care and Billing, Plant Records, Assignment and Provisioning and other modules in the UDP solution suite. Your workflows can be customized to fit virtually any scenario.

Automated Notifications

Communicating effectively in a timely manner is an integral component of operational efficiency. Email responses, form letters, reminders and other notifications can be automatically generated by our workflow engine.

Data Collection Forms

Collecting, storing and communicating data related to the services you provide is a critical component of your business. We are committed to helping you leverage the power of the data you collect and to maintain data integrity for reporting and analysis. Workflow optimization tools include the development of flexible data collection forms that are compatible across multiple platforms, including personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Document Management

Contracts, photos, maps and other electronic files are important records that provide transaction history and other relevant information. Our workflow optimization tools make it easy to attach documentation to a process task. These files can be permanently associated with the task and retrieved as needed.

Management Dashboards and Reports

Managers can make informed decisions when they have access to the status of service orders, trouble tickets and other tasks. Dashboards and reports are built into the workflow optimization module, putting valuable information within easy reach.